Bill Zachry(non-registered)
it was good to meet you at the Howierd Street Faire yesterday. Keep up the great work.
Mitchell Marriott(non-registered)
Looking at your photos made me feel good. I was transported to beautiful places. I wanted to be there longer and to meet some of the people. Thank you for sharing your art.
Chris Durietz(non-registered)
I love your wonderful work, Terry. Thanks so much for your inspiration!
Rick Anello, Class 0f '66(non-registered)
Terry, in a world filled with so much darkness, the brilliance of your photos are a testament to nature's wonderment, man's ingenuity and the buoyancy of the human spirit. Your artistry will bring so much pleasure to so many people. That is as fine testament one can ask for. Continued "sweet light'.
Colleen Pina Scussel(non-registered)
I admire my cousins work more then anyone else! Not because you are my cousin, but your photographs draw me in, the captivate me, and bring to the places you are visiting! Thank you for sharing your photos with the world.....
izredna odlična postavitev za katero se vam prav lepo zahvaljujemo vsi ki smo na kakršenkoli način stopili v vaš svet
Maye Schwartz(non-registered)
Terry , your work is TRULY OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!
AC Daniel(non-registered)
Congratulations my friend, your photo is wonderful!
Linda Barber(non-registered)
I am not a photographer but to the naked eye, I found your work to be amazing! Thank you for sharing.
roderick alalay(non-registered)
when I saw your work, I know that you are one the best artist in the 20th century. It is very easy to say that you are a photographer, but for me you are an artist that should not be forgotten by the arts society. If Ansel Adams, still alive today maybe you will be part of the famed F64 group!
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