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10 - Fortune Teller 1 (B&W)24 - Trinidad Grand Father (B&W)Trinidad - street person 4 (B&W)Andrea at the Bagdad CafeAnna - Tobacco Farmer  1 (B&W)Anna - Tobacco Farmer  1 (B&W)Anna in Vinales, CubaAssemble for Equity-March 40 (Terry Scussel)Balcony Man B&WBasque Protester, San SebastianBella Lady at San Marco PiazzaBella Lady on PonteBicyclist, Berkeley 2 B&WBlind Senior - VinalesBLM Juneteenth - Land of the FreeBLM_Mission - The Nation is WatchingBLM_Mission - Trump Pence Out Now 2Bride, Venice B&WBurano Person 2Cactus Pete, San Rafael