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Anna - Tobacco Farmer  1 (B&W)Chef Musician - Havana (B&W)Cigar Smoker in Leather Hat - Trinidad (B&W)Conjunto Artistico Korimacao - Art Director (B&W)Conjunto Artistico Korimacao - Artist B&WDoing Laundry Cuban Style (B&W)Flower Lady, La Floridita - Havana B&WFortune Teller 1 (B&W)Francisco - Cuban Tobacco FarmerGovernment Store Clerk (B&W) 1Havana Bici-Taxis Garage (B&W)Havana Lady in Pink 1 (B&W)Havana Smile 1 (B&W)Hotel Ruin Proprietor (B&W)Lady in Blue Door - Trinidad (B&W)Lady in Window Door 1Malecon Santeria Spiritual Woman 1Old Woman at the MarketPortraits of Cuba - Contact SheetPotato Farmer 2 (B&W)